Block Makes Single-Seater Debut with ART

Block to Make Single-Seater Debut with ART Grand Prix Team

Block, the daughter of the late viral Gymkhana video creator Ken Block, is set to make her single-seater debut with the ART Grand Prix team as part of the all-female series’ closer ties with Formula 1.

In an effort to promote diversity and inclusion in motorsport, all 10 Formula 1 teams have nominated drivers from their F1 Academy to run in their colors starting in 2024. Block will be the second driver to be linked to an F1 outfit.

McLaren made the exciting announcement that Bianca Bustamante would join its driver academy, while Block has been selected by the Williams Driver Academy. This move highlights the increasing collaboration between the all-female series and Formula 1.

The partnership between the all-female series and Formula 1 aims to provide more opportunities for female drivers to showcase their talent on a global stage. By integrating the F1 Academy into the series, aspiring female racers can gain valuable experience and exposure within the Formula 1 ecosystem.

Block’s inclusion in the ART Grand Prix team marks a significant milestone in her racing career. With the support of the F1 Academy and the resources provided by a top-tier team like ART Grand Prix, she will have the chance to develop her skills and compete against some of the best drivers in the world.

This partnership also serves as an inspiration for young girls who aspire to pursue a career in motorsport. Seeing female drivers like Block breaking barriers and making strides in a traditionally male-dominated industry can encourage more girls to pursue their dreams and believe that anything is possible.

As the all-female series continues to gain momentum and recognition, it will undoubtedly drive positive change in the world of motorsport. By working closely with Formula 1 and having drivers like Block participate, the series aims to create a more inclusive and diverse environment that celebrates the talents of female racers.

The upcoming 2024 season will be a defining moment for the series and its partnership with Formula 1. With the addition of drivers from the F1 Academy and increased collaboration between the two, there is no doubt that the future holds great promise for women in motorsport.

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