British Touring Car Championship 2023: Dominance and Rivalry

The British Touring Car Championship season threatened to become a one-horse race at times in 2023, such was the searing speed of Ash Sutton and his Motorbase Performance-run Ford Focus ST. But reigning champion Tom Ingram kept it just about alive right up until the final weekend, before he was forced to hand his crown back to fourth-time winner Sutton.

Motorbase Performance

Motorbase Performance, formerly known as Alliance Motorsport, proved to be a formidable force in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) season of 2023. Led by their star driver Ash Sutton, who piloted the powerful Ford Focus ST, the team dominated the track with their searing speed. Sutton’s exceptional performance threatened to turn the season into a one-sided affair.

Tom Ingram’s Challenge

Despite the overwhelming dominance of Ash Sutton, reigning champion Tom Ingram managed to keep the championship race intriguing until the very end. Ingram displayed remarkable skill and determination as he fought fiercely to defend his title. However, the pressure mounted as Sutton’s relentless pace seemed unstoppable, and ultimately, on the final weekend, Ingram had to concede defeat and pass on the crown to Sutton.

The Top Contenders

While Ash Sutton and Tom Ingram commanded much of the spotlight during the 2023 BTCC season, there were several other drivers who showcased their talent and made significant contributions to the championship. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top contenders:

1. Colin Turkington

Turkington’s consistent performances throughout the season earned him a spot among the top contenders. Displaying exceptional racecraft and strategy, Turkington showcased his versatility as a driver and consistently challenged the frontrunners.

2. Jake Hill

Despite facing challenges throughout the season, Jake Hill demonstrated great resilience and determination. With impressive overtaking maneuvers and a never-give-up attitude, Hill secured several podium finishes and proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with.

3. Rory Butcher

Rory Butcher displayed incredible skill and consistency behind the wheel, earning him a place among the top contenders. With his smooth driving style and ability to extract maximum performance from his car, Butcher frequently found himself battling for podium positions.

4. Tom Oliphant

Tom Oliphant showcased tremendous growth and improvement throughout the season, establishing himself as a strong contender. With solid racecraft and determination, Oliphant consistently fought his way through the field and secured valuable points for his team.

5. Dan Rowbottom

Dan Rowbottom impressed with his tenacity and aggressive driving style. Despite being a relative newcomer to the series, Rowbottom quickly made a name for himself by challenging more experienced drivers and securing several strong finishes.

The 2023 British Touring Car Championship season was characterized by the remarkable performance of Ash Sutton and his Motorbase Performance team. While their dominance threatened to turn the championship into a one-horse race, reigning champion Tom Ingram fought valiantly until the end. Alongside them, drivers like Colin Turkington, Jake Hill, Rory Butcher, Tom Oliphant, and Dan Rowbottom added further excitement to the season with their outstanding performances.

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