BTCC Star Rob Huff Prepares for TCR World Tour

BTCC Star Rob Huff Steps Up with Toyota Test Ahead of TCR World Tour Events

The 43-year-old took the wheel of one of Speedworks Motorsports’ Corolla GR Sports at a wet Croft for a run-out, before the flyaway trio of TCR World Tour events at Sydney Motorsport Park, Mount Panorama and Macau.

Huff, who is just one point adrift of the TCR World Tour lead after his win in Sydney last weekend, filled in at the Team Hard Cupra BTCC squad in a one-off at Knockhill.

This opportunity gave him valuable experience and helped prepare him for his upcoming race in the TCR World Tour, where he aims to close the gap and secure the championship title.

The wet conditions at Croft proved to be a challenge for Huff, but his expertise and skill allowed him to navigate the track with confidence. Testing the Corolla GR Sports provided him with insights into the car’s capabilities and allowed him to make necessary adjustments ahead of the upcoming races.

Huff’s successful stint with Team Hard Cupra BTCC squad showcased his adaptability as a driver and his ability to perform well under different circumstances. This testament to his talent has only increased anticipation for his participation in the upcoming TCR World Tour events.

With the recent win in Sydney boosting his confidence, Huff is determined to give a strong performance in each of the flyaway events. The TCR World Tour provides a platform for him to showcase his racing prowess and further solidify his position as a top contender in the sport.

As fans eagerly await the upcoming races, Huff’s test with Speedworks Motorsports’ Corolla GR Sports has added another layer of excitement to the mix. Observers are keen to see how his experience with the car translates into his performance on the track.

The TCR World Tour events at Sydney Motorsport Park, Mount Panorama, and Macau promise to be thrilling spectacles, and Huff’s presence will undoubtedly add to the excitement. His strong showing in Sydney has put him in a favorable position, and all eyes will be on him as he vies for the championship title.

As the countdown to the TCR World Tour events begins, fans can’t help but speculate on how Huff’s impressive performance thus far will carry over to the upcoming races. The combination of his talent, experience, and the powerful Corolla GR Sports make for an intriguing formula that could potentially lead to victory.

It’s clear that Rob Huff’s return and his test with Toyota have elevated the anticipation surrounding the TCR World Tour events. With his driving skills and the support of Speedworks Motorsports, he is poised to make a significant impact in the upcoming races.

Only time will tell if Huff can close the gap and secure the championship title, but one thing is certain – his participation in the TCR World Tour events is sure to provide plenty of excitement and drama for racing enthusiasts worldwide.

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