CBS Comedy Show with Haas F1 Boss

CBS Developing TV Comedy Show with Haas F1 Boss Guenther Steiner

According to a report on leading Hollywood website Deadline, CBS is in the ‘early stages of developing a single-camera workplace comedy’ with Steiner, who will be a non-writing executive producer of the show.

The fictional series will be set in the world of sports, with the central character being a ‘Steiner-esque’ boss at the head of the team.

Steiner became a household name when he joined Haas F1 Team as their team principal in 2016. Known for his no-nonsense approach and colorful language, Steiner quickly gained a reputation for his passionate and often entertaining team radio exchanges.

The show is said to draw inspiration from Steiner’s real-life persona, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the fast-paced and high-pressure world of motorsport. It will follow the trials and tribulations of the team as they navigate the challenges of competing in Formula 1.

While the show will primarily focus on the comedic aspects of running a Formula 1 team, it’s also expected to delve into more serious themes such as the competitive nature of the sport and the fierce rivalry among teams.

This marks one of the rare instances where Formula 1 and comedy come together, and it will be interesting to see how Steiner’s larger-than-life personality translates onto the small screen. The show has the potential to appeal not only to motorsport fans but also to a wider audience looking for a lighthearted and entertaining workplace comedy.

CBS is known for its successful sitcoms and has a track record of producing popular shows that resonate with viewers. If the TV comedy with Guenther Steiner proves to be a hit, it could open up opportunities for more motorsport-themed shows and further bridge the gap between sports and entertainment.

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