Classic Team Lotus: Preserving Racing Legacy

Classic Team Lotus holds a unique place in the world of historic motor racing. Established in 1992, it overlapped the active years of the original Team Lotus and, with Clive Chapman – son of marque founders Colin and Hazel – at the helm, it provides a direct link between today and the glory days of the Hethel squad.

The spirit of the ‘garagista’ still pervades CTL, with 22 team members involved in maintaining and racing the impressive collection of Lotus race cars. From the iconic 1960s machines driven by Jim Clark and Graham Hill to the championship-winning cars from the 1970s and beyond, Classic Team Lotus preserves and showcases these historic vehicles.

The Legacy Continues

Clive Chapman’s dedication to upholding the Lotus legacy can be seen in every aspect of Classic Team Lotus. The team does not just focus on maintaining and displaying the cars, but also actively participates in historic races and events around the world, keeping the spirit of competition alive. With an extensive calendar of appearances, CTL ensures that these historically significant cars are not just museum pieces, but continue to be driven as they were intended to be.

Celebrating History

One of the highlights for Classic Team Lotus is the annual Lotus Festival, where fans and enthusiasts come together to celebrate the marque’s rich history. This gathering provides an opportunity for fans to see the legendary Lotus race cars up close, and even witness them in action on the race track. It’s a chance for people to experience the sights and sounds of these iconic vehicles and appreciate the engineering brilliance that made Lotus a dominant force in motorsport.

Preservation and Restoration

Classic Team Lotus understands the importance of preserving the heritage of the cars in their collection. They have a dedicated workshop where skilled technicians diligently restore and maintain these historic vehicles. From engine rebuilds to bodywork restoration, every effort is made to ensure that these cars are kept in pristine condition and ready for the track.

Passing on the Knowledge

Classic Team Lotus is not just about maintaining and racing historic cars; it is also dedicated to passing on the knowledge and expertise to future generations. The team actively supports education initiatives, organizes apprenticeships, and offers internships to young enthusiasts looking to learn about the history and engineering behind Lotus race cars. By nurturing and inspiring the next generation, CTL ensures that the legacy of Team Lotus will continue to be cherished for years to come.

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