Collaboration to Address F1 Tyre Overheating

Following the introduction of new 23-inch tyres by Pirelli last season, teams have been grappling with the challenge of managing the increased heat resulting from changes in aerodynamics. The altered airflow has led to concerns about how easily the tyres overheat. While multiple pitstops and tyre degradation are key to creating diverse race strategies, drivers have expressed their dissatisfaction…

Addressing Overheating Issues

The Formula 1 governing body and Pirelli are set to collaborate on an all-new tyre concept specifically designed to address the overheating issues that have sparked controversy in recent races. The aim is to develop a tyre that can withstand the altered airflow generated by the ground-effects and yet maintain optimal performance throughout the race. This new design will provide teams with a better grip on tyre management and enhance the overall racing experience.

Enhanced Aerodynamic Development

Pirelli’s 23-inch tyres were initially introduced last season to coincide with the switch to ground-effects, which aimed to improve aerodynamics and promote closer racing. However, subsequent developments in aerodynamics from teams have inadvertently magnified the issue of tyre overheating. In response, F1 and Pirelli have recognized the need to create a solution that strikes the right balance between tyre wear and performance.

Driver Concerns

Many drivers have been vocal about the challenges presented by the current tyre situation. The increased overheating not only affects performance but also compromises safety. Drivers have raised concerns about the potential for unexpected tyre failures and the impact they could have on races. The collaboration between F1 and Pirelli will endeavor to address these concerns and ensure a safer racing environment.

Looking Ahead to 2025

The new tyre concept, currently under development, aims to be ready for implementation by the 2025 F1 season. Both F1 and Pirelli are committed to finding an innovative solution that provides teams with tyres capable of withstanding the specific demands of ground-effects while ensuring optimal performance and safety. This collaboration reflects F1’s continuous efforts to push boundaries and deliver thrilling races for fans around the world.

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