Ducati Monster 797 Review: Unleashing Vintage Power and Style

I’ve been around the block a few times with various motorcycles, but the Ducati Monster 797 truly caught my attention. It’s not just another bike; it’s a beast that commands respect on the road.

In this article, I’ll be sharing my first-hand experience with this Italian stallion. We’ll dive into its performance, design, and overall ride quality, leaving no stone unturned.

So, if you’re a bike enthusiast or considering a Ducati Monster 797 for your next ride, stick around. I’m sure you’ll find the insights I’ve gathered both useful and intriguing.

Performance of the Ducati Monster 797

Riding on the Ducati Monster 797 is an adrenaline-pumping experience. It’s powered by an 803cc air-cooled L-twin engine that produces 73 horsepower at 8,250 RPM and 49 lb-ft of torque at 5,750 RPM. A satisfying amount I must say.

A highlight that stands out in its performance is its fuel efficiency. Considering the bike’s power and size, it’s surprisingly good at sipping gas. During my course of use, it showed a significant difference compared to other bikes in its class.

Talking about gear shifting, it offers six-speed transmission and I was amazed at how smooth gear shifting was. Right from the first gear to the sixth one, not once did I sense a glitch.

Within its brawny body lies a smooth heart. The clutch and brakes respond almost immediately. The braking system definitely deserves a mention here. With high-quality Brembo components, the Ducati Monster 797 supports exceptional braking power. Regardless of speed, I felt complete control at my fingertips.

Last but not least, the suspensions. The bike prides itself on its fully adjustable front and rear suspensions. Maneuvering sharp corners or navigating through harshest road conditions, I had a comfortable and stress-free ride.

The next time someone asks me, “how does it feel to throttle the Ducati Monster 797?” I’ll let them know – it’s like taming a beast. Don’t let its rawness intimidate you; once you are on it, it’s docility will surprise you. To truly understand the power and the unique driving style of this motorcycle, one must experience it first-hand. It’s not just a ride, it’s a lifestyle.

As we continue further, we dive more into the intricacies of the design and overall ride quality of the Ducati Monster 797. You’ll feel the powerful beast it’s and the sheer joy it is to ride on.

Design Features of the Ducati Monster 797

Immediately noticeable about the Ducati Monster 797 is its contemporary yet classic design. This motorcycle doesn’t just turn heads; it compels admiration from even the least bike-inclined among us.

At the heart of this bike’s design is what Ducati refers to as the “Trellis frame”. Combining both aesthetics and performance, this frame serves as an essential skeleton for the bike – everything else stems from here. Strong, lightweight, and visually appealing, it’s the perfect foundation for this bit of motorized art.

The Monster 797 stands out in its simplicity. It’s polished, yet rugged, speaking volumes to the understated power beneath its streamlined exterior. The tank, combining a signature silhouette with a fresh twist, effortlessly blends the familiar with the new. Glance at this bike, and you’re greeted with bold shapes, clean lines, and a distinct lack of excess. It’s in this bare-bone approach where Ducati’s design philosophy truly shines.

Sitting astride the Monster 797, I’m struck by yet another design marvel – the compact yet comfortable riding position. It’s crafted to suit both the city commuter and the weekend adventurer. Ducati has painstakingly ensured that every moment on this motorbike is pure joy, not a trial of endurance.

From its sleek LED lights to its meticulously crafted leather seat, the Ducati Monster 797 is sheer class. Every part engineered for perfection, every detail deliberated for visual appeal and unparalleled performance.

Ride Quality of the Ducati Monster 797

Truly the Ducati Monster 797 shines not just in its aesthetic design but also its unparalleled ride quality. Everything about it screams “performance”. It’s a blend of not only raw power but a well-crafted harmony that makes your ride experience rather sublime.

Its heartbeat, the air-cooled Desmodue L-twin engine, bursts with life the moment you crank it up. Now we’re talking 73 horsepower at 8,250 rpm and 49lb ft of torque at 5,750rpm. It’s well-tuned, and despite these figures, it’s not an intimidating ride.

One thing I love about it is control. The light clutch and smooth throttle response make it a joy to tame. The ABS comes as standard, reassuring every rider with a safety net in those unsuspected moments.

Next, let’s talk about suspensions. The Monster 797 utilises a 43mm Kayaba upside-down fork at the front and Sachs monoshock at the rear. City bumps or twisting country lanes, these suspensions are up for the challenge. They balance delicately between comfort and sporty dynamism making your ride pleasing regardless of the terrain.

The Bosch ABS brakes are another contributing factor to the Monster 797’s impressive ride quality. With 320mm twin-discs at the front and a single 245mm disc at the rear, they provide excellent stopping power with progressive feel.

Lastly, the upright seating position and lower seat height add to the Monster’s accessibility and comfort. No struggling with cramped angles here. It suits city commuters’ riding position perfectly while flexible enough for that odd weekend ride.

Comparisons with Other Bikes in Its Class

When it comes to the competition, few motorcycles in its class can go toe-to-toe with the Ducati Monster 797. Compared to its peers, the Monster is a standout choice for its unique design, impressive performance, and unparalleled ride quality.

The Kawasaki Z650 is one of the main competitors in terms of pricing, but even this popular model doesn’t come close when it comes to the Monster’s robust performance. The 67-horsepower engine on the Z650 falls short of the robust 73 horsepower that the Monster’s Desmodue L-twin engine pumps out. Furthermore, the Monster’s air-cooled engine keeps the ride cool and serene, something the Z650 struggles to achieve.

Moving onto the Yamaha MT-07, it’s similar in class and a touch more affordable than the Monster 797. Yet, the MT-07 often falls short when it comes to style, its modern aesthetic lacks the vintage charm offered by the Monster’s classic Italian design. Additionally, the Monster’s trellis frame provides a sturdier riding experience than the MT-07’s twin-spar frame.

Finally, when compared to another Italian star, the Moto Guzzi V7 III Stone, the Monster takes the crown for its meatier torque delivery and smoother ride. The V7 has a similar classic aesthetic, but the Monster’s more potent 49 lb-ft of torque and well-balanced suspensions get the upper hand when it comes down to ride quality and control.

In evaluation, the Ducati Monster 797 holds its own in the class. It successfully outperforms its competitors in several key areas, firmly establishing its place in the market. There are plenty more comparisons to make, and in each, the Monster continues to dominate its class.

Personal Experiences and Impressions of the Ducati Monster 797

As an experienced rider for many years, I’ve personally experienced the power and charm that the Ducati Monster 797 possesses. The moment I hopped on this beast, I felt the roar and vibrancy of its engine come to life beneath me. Let me share some of my personal impressions and experiences.

The riding position on the Monster 797 is as comfortable as advertised. It’s really made for long hours on the road where annoying discomfort can ruin rides. After extended runs I indeed confirmed a superior comfort.

The Monster 797’s performance is robust and powerful. This is especially noticeable during brisk highway runs and fast city trips. There’s a definitive strength yet smoothness in its torque delivery that is promising and reassuring.

Among its competitors such as Kawasaki Z650, Yamaha MT-07, and Moto Guzzi V7 III Stone, the Ducati Monster 797 definitely stands out. While every bike has its charm, the Monster 797 seems to combine all the best features. Its meatier torque delivery is commendable compared to its rivals. On the road, you feel bonus power but it’s delivered smoothly, ensuring a comfortable ride rather than an overwhelming one.

One thing that I love about this bike is its vintage charm. The Monster 797 seems to have this special allure that draws those who appreciate the classic design with a contemporary twist. I’ve always admired bikes that make heads turn, and without a doubt, this one does just that.

To sum up my experiences so far, the Ducati Monster 797 continues to impress me every time I ride it. It’s the perfect balance of performance and style. The smooth power delivery and comfortable riding position make it a firm favorite in my collection.


As an experienced rider, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the Ducati Monster 797. It’s not just another bike—it’s a blend of contemporary design and classic appeal, offering a comfortable ride that’s hard to match. This motorcycle stands its ground against competitors like the Kawasaki Z650, Yamaha MT-07, and Moto Guzzi V7 III Stone. The Monster 797’s robust performance, meatier torque delivery, and smoother ride give it an edge in the market.

But it’s not just about performance. The vintage charm of the Monster 797 adds an extra layer of appeal. It’s a bike that turns heads, and for good reason. From its powerful engine to its comfortable riding position, the Monster 797 is a bike that delivers on all fronts.

So, if you’re in the market for a bike that combines performance, comfort, and style, the Ducati Monster 797 should be on your shortlist. It’s a bike that doesn’t just meet expectations—it exceeds them. After all, isn’t that what riding is all about?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the design features of the Ducati Monster 797?

The Ducati Monster 797 boasts a contemporary yet classic design with its muscular fuel tank, exposed trellis frame, and minimalistic tail section. It combines modern features like LED lighting and a fully digital instrument cluster with the iconic Monster design elements.

Q: How does the Monster 797 compare to other bikes in its class?

Compared to bikes like the Kawasaki Z650, Yamaha MT-07, and Moto Guzzi V7 III Stone, the Monster 797 excels in robust performance, vintage charm, sturdier riding experience, meatier torque delivery, and a smoother ride. It stands out as a versatile option for those seeking a combination of power and style.

Q: What are the standout features of the Monster 797?

The Monster 797’s standout features include its powerful engine, comfortable riding position, and vintage charm. It offers a thrilling performance with its 803cc Desmodue L-twin engine, providing excellent power delivery. The upright riding position ensures rider comfort, while the classic design elements give the bike a unique and timeless appeal.

Q: How does the Monster 797 impress riders?

Riders are consistently impressed by the Monster 797’s performance and style. The bike’s powerful engine delivers exhilarating acceleration, and the comfortable riding position allows for long rides without fatigue. Its classic design also turns heads and draws compliments wherever it goes. The Monster 797 continues to awe riders with its combination of power, comfort, and vintage appeal.

Q: Why is the Monster 797 praised in the article?

The article praises the Monster 797 for its contemporary yet classic design, comfortable riding position, robust performance, vintage charm, sturdier ride experience, meatier torque delivery, and smoother ride quality. The author, an experienced rider, shares their personal experiences riding the Monster 797 and highlights its standout features. The bike’s combination of power, style, and comfort sets it apart from its competitors, making it a top choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

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