Red Bull Ring Info

Address: Red Bull Ring Str. 1, 8724 Spielberg, Austria
Phone Number: +43 3577 20227030

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Red Bull Ring History

The Red Bull Ring is located in Spielberg, Styria, Austria. It was formerly known as the Österreichring and later the A1-Ring before being renamed to the Red Bull Ring after it was purchased and renovated by Red Bull GmbH.

Here are some key points about the circuit:

History: The track was originally established as the Österreichring and held Formula One races from 1970 to 1987. It was then shortened and renovated, reopening as the A1-Ring. Formula One races returned to the track from 1997 to 2003. After being purchased by Red Bull and undergoing another round of renovations, it reopened in 2011 as the Red Bull Ring. F1 races returned in 2014 and have been held there annually since.

Layout: The track is known for its elevation changes and fast corners. Despite being a relatively short circuit by modern F1 standards, it provides challenges for drivers and teams, especially in terms of braking and power delivery.

Events: Apart from Formula 1, the Red Bull Ring has been a venue for several other motorsport events, including MotoGP, DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters), and various other racing series.

Features: The track has several notable turns and sectors. Among the most famous corners are Turn 1 (a sharp uphill right-hander) and Turn 3 (a long uphill right-hander offering good overtaking opportunities). The track’s layout promotes close racing, often resulting in exciting battles and overtakes.

Surroundings: The circuit is nestled in the scenic Styrian mountains, providing a picturesque backdrop to the racing action. This setting makes it a favorite among many fans and drivers.

Red Bull Ring has been an integral part of motorsport history, especially in the context of Formula One, and continues to be a popular venue in the racing calendar.