Salzburgring Info

Address: Salzburgring 1, 5325 Plainfeld, Austria
Phone Number: +43 6221 7301

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Salzburgring History

Opened in 1969, it was originally built to replace the street circuit in the city of Salzburg. Here are some key points about the Salzburgring:

Layout: The Salzburgring circuit is characterized by its fast and sweeping curves. The track is 4.241 km (2.634 mi) long and is set in a beautiful natural landscape, making it a unique venue.

Races: Over the years, the Salzburgring has hosted a variety of motorsport events. Among the most notable was the motorcycle Grand Prix, part of the MotoGP World Championship, in the 1970s and 1980s. The track was known for its high-speed nature, which made motorcycle races particularly thrilling but also challenging.

Safety Concerns: Due to its high-speed layout and the limited runoff areas in some parts of the track, there have been concerns about safety. This was one of the reasons major international racing events started to move away from the circuit, especially after the 1980s.

Touring Car Races: The Salzburgring has also been a venue for touring car races. The European Touring Car Championship had several events there in the past, and it’s been part of various national and international touring car series schedules over the years.

Current Use: As of my last update in September 2021, the Salzburgring continued to host national races and other motorsport events. The track is also popular for track days and driving events for car and motorcycle enthusiasts.

The Salzburgring, with its scenic surroundings and high-speed nature, remains a unique and interesting circuit in the world of motorsport.