Automoto klub Nepomuk v AČR Info

Address: Plzeňská 456, 335 01 Nepomuk, Czechia
Phone Number: +420 371 591 359

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Automoto klub Nepomuk v AČR History

If you're a motorsports enthusiast and find yourself in the picturesque Czech Republic, a visit to Automoto klub Nepomuk v AČR is an absolute must. This historic race track, established in 1946, has a rich history of hosting thrilling motorsports events that have left spectators in awe. From high-speed road motorcycle races to the excitement of motocross and the challenges of trial races, this venue has seen it all.

A Journey Back in Time

The Autoclub's fascinating journey began on Sunday, September 8, 1946, during the inaugural general meeting of the Autoclub R. Čs. branches. The historic moment unfolded at the iconic Hotel Kadlec in Nepomuk, with 33 passionate motorsports enthusiasts in attendance. Little did they know that their vision would shape the future of motorsports in the region.

A Hub of Motorsports Excellence

Throughout its long and illustrious history, Automoto klub Nepomuk v AČR has been the backdrop for a diverse range of motorsports events, making it a hub of excellence in the Czech Republic. Here's a glimpse of the thrilling events that have graced this track:

1. High-Speed Road Motorcycle Races

  • Experience the adrenaline rush as skilled riders push their motorcycles to the limit on this challenging track.

2. Flat Track Racing

  • Witness the art of flat track racing, where riders navigate a dirt oval while battling for supremacy.

3. Sidecarcross

  • Feel the excitement as sidecarcross teams navigate treacherous terrain with a driver and a passenger working in perfect harmony.

4. Motocross

  • Thrill-seekers can cheer for motocross riders as they conquer dirt tracks, showcasing their incredible skills.

5. Veteran Races

  • Celebrate the heritage of motorsports with veteran races, featuring classic cars and motorcycles from a bygone era.

6. Trial and Cyclotrial

  • Be amazed by the finesse and balance of riders tackling challenging obstacles in trial and cyclotrial competitions.

7. Quad Bikes

  • Watch the raw power of quad bikes as they maneuver through dirt tracks, taking on challenging terrain.

Where to Stay

For those planning to attend events at Automoto klub Nepomuk v AČR, it's important to have a comfortable place to stay. Fortunately, there are several hotels conveniently located near the race track that offer a range of amenities to enhance your visit. Here are a few options:

1. Hotel Kadlec (Historic Venue)

  • Stay at the iconic Hotel Kadlec, where the Autoclub was founded. This historic hotel offers a unique experience with comfortable accommodations and a touch of nostalgia.

2. Hotel Motol Nepomuk

  • Located just a stone's throw away from the race track, Hotel Motol Nepomuk provides modern amenities, making it a great choice for motorsports enthusiasts.

3. Penzion Stará Myslivna

  • Experience a serene stay at Penzion Stará Myslivna, surrounded by nature, and enjoy the tranquility of the countryside.

4. Penzion U Hoferek

  • A cozy and welcoming option, Penzion U Hoferek offers a homey atmosphere, ensuring a pleasant stay during your motorsports adventure.

As you plan your visit to Automoto klub Nepomuk v AČR, consider these accommodation options to make your motorsports experience even more memorable. Whether you're attending thrilling races or exploring the history of this renowned venue, this corner of the Czech Republic promises an unforgettable journey for motorsports enthusiasts.