Automotodrom Brno (Automotodrom Brno – Brno Circuit) Info

Address: Masarykův okruh 201, 664 81 Ostrovačice, Czechia
Phone Number: +420 546 123 300

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Automotodrom Brno (Automotodrom Brno – Brno Circuit) History

Unleash the Speed at Brno Circuit

Welcome to the heart of motorsport action at Automotodrom Brno, an iconic race track nestled near the historic city of Brno, Czech Republic. This legendary venue, also known as Brno Circuit or Bruno Race Track, has been a magnet for motorsport enthusiasts since its inauguration in 1987. Drawing visitors from around the globe, the Brno Circuit is famed for its exhilarating events, including MotoGP, Superbike World Championship, Formula 1, and the FIA GT Championship.

A Track Like No Other

Brno Circuit is more than just a racetrack; it's a battleground for the world's most skilled drivers and their powerful machines. The circuit's 5.4-kilometer layout weaves through a challenging assortment of fast straights, tight corners, and dramatic elevation changes. Among the 14 thrilling turns, Turn 10, a sharp downhill left-hander, stands as a symbol of the circuit's formidable character, considered one of the most demanding corners in motorsport.

A Spectator's Paradise

With a seating capacity of approximately 180,000, the Brno Circuit ranks among Europe's largest motorsport venues. It offers spectators a feast for the eyes, set against the stunning backdrop of the Czech Republic's rolling hills. Accessibility is a breeze, with options to arrive by car, train, or airplane, thanks to the proximity of Brno-Turany Airport, situated a stone's throw away.

The Roar of the Engines

The Brno Circuit's rich history includes hosting some of the most electrifying motorsport events in recent memory. Notably, it's been the hallowed ground for MotoGP since 1987, where top riders and teams from around the world compete in a high-octane battle. The demanding track provides an ultimate test, blending breakneck straights with challenging corners, pushing riders to their limits.

Superbikes Take the Stage

Another major event that captivates fans at Brno is the Superbike World Championship, featuring production-based motorcycles tearing through circuits worldwide. The circuit's unique layout and character make it a beloved stop on the championship calendar, winning the hearts of riders and fans alike.

Roaring GT Cars

Witness the thunderous races of the FIA GT Championship, where GT racing cars from across the globe vie for glory. The Brno Circuit is a highlight on the championship's itinerary, with unforgettable races etched into its history. Drivers and teams cherish the challenges it presents.

Where to Stay Near Brno Circuit

To make the most of your visit to the Brno Circuit, it's crucial to find the perfect place to stay. Fortunately, there are several hotels in close proximity to the circuit:

  • Hotel Brno Palace: Located in the heart of Brno, this upscale hotel offers luxury and convenience, with easy access to the circuit.

  • Barceló Brno Palace: A stylish, contemporary option in the city center, providing a comfortable stay within a short drive from the track.

  • Avanti Hotel Brno: Offering a range of amenities and a strategic location, this hotel ensures a pleasant stay during your motorsport adventure.

  • Grandhotel Brno: Experience classic elegance and proximity to the circuit, making it a delightful choice for motorsport enthusiasts.

Your visit to the Automotodrom Brno becomes a complete motorsport experience when you choose from these comfortable and convenient hotel options.

Explore More Motorsport in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic boasts another world-class motorsport venue, the Autodrom Most, located in the town of Most, approximately 120 km from Prague. This track, with its 4.2 km layout and 21 challenging turns, hosts national and international racing events, such as the FIA European Truck Racing Championship, TCR Europe Touring Car Series, and the FIM Endurance World Championship.

Legendary Motorsport Heritage

The Czech Republic has a rich history in motorsport, with legendary drivers and teams hailing from the country. One of the most notable figures is Tomáš Enge, who has made a name for himself in various international racing series, including the FIA GT Championship, the American Le Mans Series, and the Formula 1 World Championship.

Experience the exhilaration of motorsport at its finest, both on and off the track, in the heart of the Czech Republic. Visit the Automotodrom Brno and the Autodrom Most to witness the speed, skill, and thrill that motorsport has to offer.