Auto24Ring Circuit Info

Address: Papsaare küla, Audru vald 88137, Pärnumaa, Estonia
Phone Number: +372 58 666 636

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Auto24Ring Circuit History

The first competitions at the location of the circuit were held in the 1930s. The original layout, called Sauga Kolmnurk (Sauga Triangle), was a 6.1 km long circuit utilising three public roads: Nurme tee, Sulu-Papsaare tee and Haapsalu maantee. Racing activities at the Kolmnurk ceased in the late 1960s.

A new circuit, designed by Enn Teppand was built in 1989–90. This 3.668 km long layout included one of the corners of the original Kolmnurk as well as two, shortened, straights on Nurme tee and Haapsalu maantee. There was also a new section introduced consisting another public road and a short purpose build section.

In 2000, construction of the current circuit begun. The current circuit, opened in 2001, is designed to minimize the use of public roads. The 2.173 km long layout uses the sections added in 1990 plus a new straight and a chicane. A 350m long straight on Nurme tee is all that remains of the original 30’s circuit.