Ahvenisto Race Circuit Info

Address: Poltinahontie 47, 13100 Hämeenlinna, Finland
Email: ahvenistoracecircuit@gmail.com
Phone Number: +358 40 0817002

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Ahvenisto Race Circuit History

The Ahvenisto motorway is a Finnish motorway in Hämeenlinna, in the Ahvenisto area. Track was completed on 15 July 1967. The Asphalt Track length is 2840 m. The track has competed in many international classes, for example, Formula 2 Out of 5 September 1967, when the 1st Ahveniston on time (this was the second race on the track) was involved in many of the time-F1 peaks, including Jim Clark , Graham Hill , Jack Brabham and Niki Lauda . Motorcycle stars also visited the track several times, for example in 1973-1975 in the 750cc class of MM- Road Racing .