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Keimola History

Keimola, a legendary racing circuit located in the city of Vantaa, in Southern Finland, is a testament to the rich history of motorsports in this Nordic nation. Inaugurated in 1966, Keimola quickly earned a reputation as one of Europe's most challenging and thrilling racing tracks. Let's take a closer look at this iconic circuit, its storied past, and the motorsports legends it has inspired.

The Thrill of Keimola

The Keimola circuit, measuring 4.0 kilometers (2.5 miles) in length, boasted ten exhilarating turns that tested the skills of even the most accomplished drivers. Its narrow layout added an extra layer of complexity, making it a challenging circuit for both competitors and a captivating spectacle for spectators.

The circuit's layout was a symphony of twists and turns, including hairpins, chicanes, and sweeping bends. A high-speed section along the main straight allowed drivers to reach astonishing speeds of up to 280 km/h (174 mph). Keimola was designed to be simultaneously challenging for drivers and electrifying for the audience.

The Glory Days

Throughout its history, Keimola played host to a multitude of national and international motorsports events, headlined by the prestigious Finnish Grand Prix. This event was an integral part of the European Formula Two Championship, drawing world-renowned drivers such as Jochen Rindt, Jack Brabham, and Jackie Stewart. The race became a beloved occasion for Finnish motorsports enthusiasts, contributing significantly to the growth of the sport in the region.

Beyond the Finnish Grand Prix, the Keimola circuit also accommodated national competitions like the Finnish Motorcycle Grand Prix and the Finnish Rally Championship. The circuit became a favored destination for motorsports enthusiasts who were drawn by the thrill of the races and the electric atmosphere of the circuit.

A Lasting Legacy

Although Keimola closed its doors in 1978, it continues to hold a special place in the annals of Finnish motorsports history. The circuit was instrumental in propelling Finland into the international motorsports arena, playing a crucial role in the country's rise as a major player in the sport.

Notably, the circuit was a pivotal influence on the careers of Finnish racing legends. Drivers like Keke Rosberg, Mika Häkkinen, and Kimi Räikkönen honed their skills on the challenging tarmac of Keimola. They attribute their success to the formative experiences gained on this remarkable circuit.

The Revival

In recent years, Keimola has experienced a resurgence of sorts. It has found its way into various video games, including Forza Horizon 3 and Assetto Corsa, allowing a new generation of gamers to experience the thrill of racing on this historic track. Additionally, the circuit has been used for various historic racing events, enabling motorsports enthusiasts to live out the excitement of driving on one of Europe's most demanding circuits.

Planning Your Visit

For those eager to explore Keimola and its rich history, there are several hotels in proximity to the circuit that offer a comfortable and convenient stay. Here are a few options:

  • Keimola Golf Hotel: This charming hotel, located just a stone's throw from the former circuit, offers a tranquil setting for motorsports enthusiasts. You can enjoy a round of golf or simply bask in the scenic surroundings.

  • Vantaa Hotel Suites: This modern and comfortable option is ideal for those seeking a contemporary stay near Keimola. It's also close to Vantaa's various attractions.

  • Helsinki Downtown Hotels: If you prefer to stay in the capital city, Helsinki, you'll find a wide range of accommodations, and you can easily commute to Keimola for a day at the circuit.

As Keimola's legacy lives on, visiting this iconic track and experiencing its history firsthand is a must for any motorsports aficionado. Discover the allure of this legendary circuit and pay homage to the drivers and enthusiasts who have made it a cornerstone of Finnish motorsports heritage.