Circuit des Ecuyers Info

Address: Fary, 02130 Beuvardes, France
Phone Number: +33 3 23 70 98 61

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Circuit des Ecuyers History

Circuit des Ecuyers is a motorsports haven nestled in the picturesque Champagne-Ardenne region of France. This renowned complex offers a plethora of thrilling track configurations and comprehensive training programs, catering to drivers of all skill levels, making it an ultimate destination for racing enthusiasts.

A Glimpse into History

Founded in 1998, Circuit des Ecuyers has earned its reputation as a go-to destination for both amateur and professional drivers. Situated just outside the charming village of Beuvardes, this racetrack's central location ensures easy accessibility from major French cities, with Paris being just a stone's throw away.

A Track for Every Skill Level

Diversity is the name of the game at Circuit des Ecuyers. With several distinct track configurations to choose from, drivers can challenge themselves on a variety of courses. These include a nimble 1.5-kilometer track featuring nine thrilling turns, a 2-kilometer track with 12 turns, and a more demanding 2.5-kilometer track boasting 15 turns. This extensive range of layouts ensures that drivers can sharpen their skills, making this track an ideal setting for training programs and driving schools.

Training Excellence

Circuit des Ecuyers stands out for its comprehensive training programs, catering to novices and seasoned racers alike. Novice drivers can attend introductory courses to master basic driving skills, while experienced racers can participate in advanced courses that delve into high-speed cornering, advanced driving techniques, and other skills essential for competitive racing.

Home to Thrilling Events

Throughout the year, Circuit des Ecuyers plays host to a variety of exciting racing events. From adrenaline-pumping track days to grueling endurance races and other competitive endeavors, the circuit draws participants from all corners of France and beyond. This vibrant motorsports community has firmly established the Circuit des Ecuyers as a thriving hub for motorsports enthusiasts.

A Spectator's Delight

While the circuit primarily caters to drivers, it doesn't neglect spectators. The complex features a spacious viewing area where visitors can witness the thrilling action on the track. To satiate your taste buds, a well-appointed restaurant and bar serve delectable food and refreshing drinks, ensuring that you're well-fueled for an unforgettable day at the track.

Stay and Explore

One of the circuit's unique advantages is its proximity to major French cities. The enchanting streets of Paris are just a short drive away, and other captivating destinations like Lille, Reims, and Strasbourg are also easily accessible. This makes Circuit des Ecuyers an ideal location for motorsports enthusiasts who wish to combine their passion for racing with an immersive sightseeing experience in the heart of France.

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