Circuit Paul Armagnac Info

Address: Rue de Caupenne, 32110 Nogaro, France
Phone Number: +33 5 62 09 02 49

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Circuit Paul Armagnac History

Circuit Paul Armagnac, also known as Nogaro Circuit, is a motor racing circuit located in Nogaro, a small town in the south-west of France. The circuit is named after Paul Armagnac, a French racing driver who died in a car accident in 1962.

The circuit was designed in 1960 by Raymond Roche, a former racing driver, and was opened in 1961. The track was initially 1.8 miles long, but it was extended in 1973 to its current length of 2.2 miles. The track is known for its fast and challenging corners, making it a popular venue for both amateur and professional racing.

The Nogaro Circuit has hosted a number of major racing events, including the French Grand Prix for motorcycles from 1978 to 1982, and the Bol d’Or 24-hour endurance race for motorcycles. It has also hosted rounds of the French Formula Three Championship, the Porsche Carrera Cup, and the French GT Championship.

One of the most notable features of the Nogaro Circuit is its long back straight, which offers an opportunity for high-speed racing. The straight is followed by a tight right-hand corner that requires precise braking and acceleration control. Other notable corners on the circuit include the challenging “Ville” and “Paddock” corners, which test the drivers’ skill and nerve.

The circuit has undergone several upgrades and improvements over the years. In 2003, a new pit lane and paddock complex was built, along with a new control tower and hospitality facilities. The track surface was also improved, with new asphalt laid in 2011 to provide better grip and safety.

In addition to racing events, the Nogaro Circuit also offers a range of driving experiences and track days for enthusiasts and amateurs. The circuit’s driving school, run by professional racing drivers, offers training and coaching for drivers of all levels, from beginners to advanced racers. The circuit also hosts corporate events and team building activities, making it a popular destination for companies and organizations.

The Nogaro Circuit is located in the heart of the Gers region of France, a rural area known for its beautiful scenery and historic towns. Visitors to the circuit can enjoy a range of local attractions, including the medieval town of Condom, the Château de Cassaigne vineyard, and the UNESCO-listed pilgrimage route of the Way of St James.
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