Circuit Paul Ricard Info

Address: 2760 Route des Hauts du Camp, DN8, 83330 Le Castellet, France
Phone Number: +33 4 94 98 36 66

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Circuit Paul Ricard History

After the official launch of the Toyota Motorsport Formula 1, renovation work began in April with the help of companies from the Var and Bouches du Rhône. The initial route of the circuit is modified in several places to optimize safety:

Elimination of the chicane after the “double-right” bend in Le Beausset;
Changes to the bends in Pont, Hôtel, Camp, Bendor and the lake;
Creation of new, more technical bends: the Hairpin, the North and South Chicanes in the straight line of the Mistral, the “S” of the Airport and the Chicane de Signes.
The Course Building is also completely modernized: the pit lane access tunnel is transformed into the building entrance hall; new garages are built on the front of the building, and the paddock becomes an enclosed space.