Mugello Circuit Info

Address: Senni-San Carlo, 15, 50038 Scarperia e San Piero FI, Italy
Phone Number: +39 055 849 9111

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Mugello Circuit History

The story of Mugello began almost a century ago. The trip starts in 1914 , it is a regularity competition that is immediately interrupted by the war. The first period of great notoriety is that of the 1920s when the best conductors of the time were to challenge each other on the dusty 66 kilometers that climbed from Scarperia to Firenzuola and then back through the Futa pass to San Piero, back to Scarperia. Campari, Brilli Peri, Enzo Ferrari (winner of the 4500 class in an Alfa Romeo in 1921), Antonio Ascari, Borzacchini, as well as, of course, Emilio Materassi, a local idol.