Associação Promotora do Circuito Internacional de Vila Real Info

Address: Praça do Município, 5000-657 Vila Real, Portugal
Phone Number: (+351) 939 758 552

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Associação Promotora do Circuito Internacional de Vila Real History

The Associação Promotora do Circuito Internacional de Vila Real holds a significant place in the hearts of motorsports enthusiasts, and its rich history is intertwined with the charming town of Vila Real, Portugal. Founded in the early 20th century by a passionate group of car aficionados, this racing circuit has evolved into a celebrated destination for racers and fans alike.

A Racing Tradition Born

The seeds of the circuit were sown in the early 1930s when local car enthusiasts in Vila Real began organizing small car exhibitions, elegance contests, and car fairs. The response from the public was immediate, with a clear and palpable enthusiasm for all things automotive. In 1930, in a pioneering move, the town levied a tax on each kilogram of meat to raise funds for these exciting automotive events.

The Birth of an Icon

The pivotal moment came in 1931 when the inaugural Automobile Circuit of Vila Real roared to life on June 15th. Organized by the same group behind the town's festive celebrations, the event owes much to the dedication of local personalities, including the influential Aureliano Barrigas. Supported by the Northern Regional Section of the Automobile Club of Portugal, this historic race marked the true genesis of the circuit.

The circuit, with a length of 7,150 meters, set the stage for competitors to complete 20 laps, spanning a total of 143 kilometers. The legacy was born, and over the decades, it has grown into a motorsports jewel in Portugal's crown.

Plan Your Visit

Visiting the Circuito Internacional de Vila Real is an experience every motorsports enthusiast dreams of. But what about accommodations? To make your trip even more memorable, we've compiled a list of nearby hotels where you can stay while immersing yourself in the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere of the circuit.

Hotel Recommendations

  • Hotel Vila Real Palace: A mere stone's throw from the circuit, this luxurious hotel offers elegant rooms and excellent amenities, making it an ideal choice for racing aficionados.

  • Pousada de Vila Real: Set in a historic 18th-century manor, this charming hotel provides a unique and cultural experience, along with easy access to the circuit.

  • Residencial Miraneve: If you're looking for a cozy and budget-friendly option, this quaint hotel is conveniently located, ensuring you're never far from the excitement of the track.

  • Quinta de Marrocos: For those who seek tranquility amid the racing buzz, this beautiful country house offers a peaceful retreat while keeping you in proximity to the circuit's action.

Embrace the Thrill

As you visit the Associação Promotora do Circuito Internacional de Vila Real, immerse yourself in the legacy of motorsports, reliving the passion and history of this iconic racing circuit. With comfortable lodging options nearby, your journey promises an unforgettable fusion of speed, tradition, and Portuguese hospitality. So, pack your bags and get ready to savor the exhilarating experience that only Vila Real and its circuit can offer.