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Circuito Vasco Sameiro History

If you're a motorsports enthusiast, the Circuito Vasco Sameiro in the charming city of Braga, Portugal, should be on your radar. This racetrack, inaugurated in 1993, has grown to become a beloved destination for those who live and breathe the thrill of motorsports. Offering an array of heart-pounding events, including car races, motorcycle races, and karting championships, Circuito Vasco Sameiro is a treasure trove of excitement for enthusiasts of all stripes. Named in honor of the late Portuguese race car driver, Vasco Sameiro, who tragically lost his life in a crash at just 25 years of age, this circuit is steeped in history and adrenaline.

The Track: Where Speed Meets Challenge

With a total length of 3.6 kilometers (2.2 miles) and a winding, narrow design that boasts 16 challenging turns, Circuito Vasco Sameiro is a true test of skill for drivers. Its layout provides a thrilling experience for both participants and spectators alike. The circuit is equipped with top-notch facilities, including a spacious paddock area, a bustling pit lane, and grandstands capable of accommodating up to 25,000 eager fans.

The track offers two distinct layouts to cater to various motorsports disciplines. The long circuit, characterized by its demanding twists and turns, is utilized for both car and motorcycle races. It features an array of corners, including hairpins, chicanes, and sweeping bends. Notably, a steep uphill section adds an extra layer of complexity to the already challenging track. In contrast, the short circuit is primarily used for karting championships, offering a different but equally thrilling experience.

A History of Prestige

Circuito Vasco Sameiro has an illustrious history of hosting a plethora of national and international motorsports events. Over the years, it has welcomed prestigious competitions such as the European Touring Car Championship, the FIA GT Championship, and the Portuguese Touring Car Championship. On two wheels, it has been graced by events like the Portuguese Superbike Championship and the Portuguese Motorcycle Grand Prix.

Beyond the professional races, the circuit opens its gates for track days, enabling motorsports enthusiasts to quench their need for speed. Whether you're a car aficionado or a motorcycle devotee, these track days provide a safe and controlled environment for you to test your skills and embrace the thrill of the track.

A Promising Future

In 2020, the Braga Municipality entered into a promising partnership with the Portuguese Motorcycling Federation, solidifying the commitment to promote motorcycle events at Circuito Vasco Sameiro. This collaboration entails the organization of national and international motorcycle events and the development of training programs for young riders. This partnership reflects the dedication of local authorities to nurture and support motorsports in the region, ensuring a vibrant future for the circuit.

Stay Close to the Action

While Circuito Vasco Sameiro undoubtedly takes center stage, it's essential to consider your accommodations when planning a visit. Fortunately, there are several hotels in proximity to the circuit that offer a comfortable and convenient stay for motorsports enthusiasts.

Hotel Acela Braga

  • Location: Just a 15-minute drive from Circuito Vasco Sameiro.
  • Features: Comfortable rooms, on-site dining options, and free Wi-Fi.

Hotel João XXI

  • Location: Approximately 4 kilometers from the racetrack.
  • Features: Affordable rates, clean rooms, and easy access to Braga's attractions.

Hotel Mercure Braga Centro

  • Location: A 10-minute drive to the circuit and centrally located.
  • Features: Modern amenities, fitness center, and a stylish bar.

By choosing one of these hotels, you can maximize your enjoyment of the thrilling events at Circuito Vasco Sameiro while ensuring a comfortable and restful stay.

In conclusion, Circuito Vasco Sameiro is a motorsports haven in Braga, Portugal, offering a challenging track, state-of-the-art facilities, and a promising future. With its rich history and vibrant present, this circuit beckons enthusiasts to experience the rush of motorsports. So, gear up and prepare for an unforgettable journey into the world of high-speed excitement at Circuito Vasco Sameiro.