Falkenberg Motorklubb Info

Address: Hällarp 308, 311 95 Falkenberg, Sweden
Email: kansli@falkenbergsmotorklubb.nu
Phone Number: (+46) 346 190 33

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Falkenberg Motorklubb History

If you're a motorsports enthusiast, you're in for a treat when you visit Falkenbergs Motorbana, a thrilling racing circuit located in Bergagård, Sweden. This hidden gem, opened in 1967, offers an adrenaline-pumping experience that should be on every racing fan's bucket list.

A Brief History

Falkenbergs Motorbana was inaugurated as a replacement for the Skreabanan track, and it has been the epicenter of motorsport excitement in Sweden ever since. Owned and meticulously maintained by the passionate team at Falkenbergs Motorklubb, the track has seen its fair share of developments over the years to ensure both safety and excitement.

In 2004, a chicane was introduced at the first corner, a crucial modification that enhanced safety on the track without compromising the high-speed rush that racing enthusiasts crave. This adjustment has made Falkenbergs Motorbana a favorite among both seasoned drivers and newcomers.

Premier Racing Events

Falkenbergs Motorbana hosts a variety of prestigious racing events throughout the year, making it a must-visit destination for fans of the sport. One of the highlights is the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (formerly known as the Swedish Touring Car Championship), which takes place here annually. Witnessing the roaring engines, fierce competition, and skillful maneuvers of professional drivers is an experience you won't soon forget.

In addition to the Touring Car Championship, the circuit also plays host to the Scandinavian Open, an exhilarating road racing event that attracts competitors and spectators alike. The event showcases the versatility of the track, with participants navigating its twists and turns in a thrilling display of racing prowess.

But that's not all. Falkenbergs Motorbana caters to a diverse audience, with endurance races and a classic motor event that allows enthusiasts to marvel at the timeless beauty of vintage racing machines.

Where to Stay

For those planning to visit Falkenbergs Motorbana, it's essential to have a comfortable and convenient place to stay. Fortunately, there are several hotels in close proximity to the circuit, making your racing weekend even more enjoyable.

1. Falkenberg Strandbad

  • Located just a short drive from the circuit, this luxury beachfront hotel offers stunning views of the Kattegat Sea. After a thrilling day at the races, relax in style and comfort at Falkenberg Strandbad.

2. Grand Hotel Falkenberg

  • Situated in the heart of Falkenberg, this elegant hotel provides easy access to the circuit as well as the town's attractions and restaurants. It's an excellent choice for both race enthusiasts and those looking to explore the local area.

3. Nya Pallas Hotell

  • Just a stone's throw from Falkenbergs Motorbana, Nya Pallas Hotell offers a cozy and budget-friendly accommodation option. It's ideal for those who want to stay close to the action without breaking the bank.

No matter your budget or preferences, there's a suitable lodging option near Falkenbergs Motorbana to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay while immersing yourself in the world of motorsports.

Plan your visit to Falkenbergs Motorbana today, and prepare for a motorsport adventure like no other! Whether you're a die-hard racing enthusiast or just looking for an exciting weekend getaway, this Swedish racing circuit has something for everyone. Don't forget to book your stay at one of the nearby hotels to complete your experience.