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Address: 533 96 Götene, Sweden
Phone Number: (+46) 511 580 18

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Kinnekulle Ring History

Kinnekulle Ring – Since 2011, Kinnekulle Ring has been run as a limited company, AB. The company’s main purpose is to conduct operations so that, in the first instance, driving license holders can do their compulsory risk training at minimal costs. In 1969, the Kinnekulle Ring motorway was built on a private initiative by Disponent Håkan Knutsson. In the autumn of the same year, a track was inaugurated that made it possible to drive on slippery surfaces all year round.

This unique opportunity has since been a template for the ice rinks that later in the 70s began to grow up in Sweden. Furthermore, continuing education activities are offered for driving license holders. Kinnekulle Ring is also used by various companies, for example for trade fairs and exhibitions, as well as training of various kinds.