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Address: 590 17 Mantorp Sweden
Phone Number: ( +46) 142 29 88 50

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Mantorp Park History

Mantorp Park has since its inception in 1969 been one of Sweden’s leading motorways. What is most noticeable are the public events, but activities take place almost every day during the summer.

Much of the daily activities are about driver training, where Safety Driving with safety and the environment in focus is a popular activity, as well as company activity (training) but also privately. Bandages where you can drive your own car on the track are also very popular. (Track Monday and Test Tuesday). Welcome in and take a closer look at our menus in the various areas.

At Mantorp Park, many different branches of wonderful motorsport are run, it is not only racing or drifting but we also have a lot of motorcycle riding and not least Dragrace which many people associate with Mantorp Park!