Tierp Arena Info

Address: Arenavägen 10, 815 23 Tierp Sweden
Email: info@tierparena.com
Phone Number: (+46) 77 110 80 00

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Tierp Arena History

Europe’s new Rallycross track at Tierp Arena!

On January 16, 2018, the first sod was put in the ground to begin the major investment and construction of the new Rallycross track at Tierp Arena.

The track is the arena’s new flagship with the goal of hosting international competitions and championships. Great energy has been put into an optimal flow without bottlenecks. The goal is for the track to be in constant motion without interruption, which places demands on design and logistics – all to contribute to the best possible audience and driver experience.

The rallycross track is 1394 m long with about 55 percent asphalt and about 45 percent gravel.

The new course puts the audience at the center and is created to provide maximum experience up close. From the first steps into the stands, visitors are greeted by the roar of cars. From there, the entire course can be viewed from start to finish, something that makes the course unique.