Goodwood Motor Circuit Info

Address: Chichester, West Sussex, PO18 0PH, United Kingdom
Phone Number: (+44) 1243 755060

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Goodwood Motor Circuit History

Welcome to Goodwood Motor Circuit, an iconic destination that combines history, prestige, and the unmistakable roar of engines. Nestled within England's greatest sporting estate and serving as the ancestral home of The Duke and Duchess of Richmond and Gordon, this circuit promises an unforgettable experience for motorsport enthusiasts.

A Glimpse of History

Goodwood Motor Circuit is more than just a race track; it's a hallowed ground steeped in motorsport history. The circuit, located in the heart of West Sussex, has been hosting thrilling races since its inception in 1948. It has witnessed countless motorsport legends pushing their vehicles to the limit and etching their names in the annals of racing history.

The Circuit's Unique Appeal

Goodwood Motor Circuit's charm lies in its unique configuration. Unlike many modern racing venues, this track retains its original layout from the post-World War II era, featuring tight corners and sweeping straights. The combination of high-speed sections and technical challenges makes it a favorite among drivers and fans alike.

  • The Chicane: The circuit's iconic chicane, known as St. Mary's Bend, adds an extra layer of excitement to the races. Drivers must skillfully navigate this tight section, making for thrilling overtaking opportunities.

  • High-Speed Straights: Goodwood's long straights allow for blistering speeds, letting fans witness breathtaking acceleration and top-tier competition.

Spectator Delights

Visiting Goodwood Motor Circuit offers a captivating experience for fans. You can immerse yourself in the ambiance of historic racing, explore the paddocks, and relish the sight and sound of vintage and modern race cars. Don't forget to check the event calendar to catch thrilling races and classic car festivals.

Where to Stay

For those eager to experience the magic of Goodwood Motor Circuit to the fullest, there are several hotels nearby, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay.

1. The Goodwood Hotel

Situated within the Goodwood Estate itself, The Goodwood Hotel is the ultimate accommodation for motorsport aficionados. The hotel offers luxury rooms with views of the racetrack, ensuring you're never far from the action. After a day of thrilling races, unwind at the Kennels, the Estate's private members' club, or savor delectable dishes at The Richmond Arms.

2. The Goodwood Cottage

If you're looking for a more intimate and charming stay, The Goodwood Cottage is an excellent choice. Nestled in a tranquil corner of the Estate, these self-contained cottages offer privacy and comfort. Enjoy the serenity of the countryside while being just a stone's throw away from the circuit.

3. Chichester Harbour Hotel & Spa

For those who prefer a slightly different ambiance, the Chichester Harbour Hotel & Spa is an elegant option. Located in nearby Chichester, this hotel combines luxury with modern amenities. After a day at the races, you can relax at the spa or indulge in a fine dining experience.

Plan Your Visit

Whether you're a motorsport enthusiast or simply looking for an unforgettable experience, Goodwood Motor Circuit offers a thrilling journey through time and speed. With its rich history, exhilarating races, and convenient nearby accommodations, Goodwood promises a memorable visit for all.

Experience the passion, adrenaline, and history of motorsport at Goodwood Motor Circuit, where the legacy of racing lives on.

For more details and event information, visit Goodwood Motor Circuit's official website.