Exciting Super Formula Crash

TOM’S driver Sasahara was involved in a high-speed shunt at 130R on the fourth lap of the penultimate round of the season, as he made contact with the Nakajima Racing machine of Hiroki Otsu.

Sasahara’s car was launched towards the catch fencing, with his monocoque clearing the fence and hurtling all the way down to the lower part of Suzuka’s crossover, near Degner 1.

The race was red-flagged and the medical team quickly attended to Sasahara. Thankfully, he was released from the hospital after thorough examination and deemed to be in good health.

The Impact at 130R

The incident occurred at 130R, one of the most challenging corners on the Suzuka Circuit. Sasahara’s car collided with the Nakajima Racing machine of Hiroki Otsu, resulting in a high-speed shunt.

Due to the force of the impact, Sasahara’s car was catapulted towards the catch fencing. The monocoque of his car even cleared the fence, landing in the lower section of Suzuka’s crossover near Degner 1.

The Medical Response

Immediately after the crash, the race was red-flagged to allow the medical team to attend to Sasahara. They provided him with prompt care and conducted a thorough examination to ensure his wellbeing.

After careful evaluation, it was determined that Sasahara had not sustained any serious injuries and was released from the hospital. This is reassuring news for both the driver and the team.

A Close Call

This incident serves as a reminder of the risks that professional drivers face on the racetrack. While the safety measures implemented in motorsports have come a long way, accidents like these demonstrate how dangerous this sport can be.

It is a relief that Sasahara escaped the crash without major injuries. This incident showcases the importance of the medical team and the continuous improvements in safety regulations.

The Super Formula community will undoubtedly appreciate the quick response and provide any necessary support to Sasahara as he recovers from this harrowing experience.

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