Expansion of F1 All-Female Junior Series

The F1-led all-female junior series is set to make waves in grassroots racing with its new partnership with Champions of the Future (COTF). This collaboration will introduce a brand-new three-tiered karting ladder, providing exciting opportunities for young girls in motorsports.

The Champions of the Future Academy

As part of the initiative, the Champions of the Future Academy programme (COTFA) aims to introduce various cost control measures, ensuring accessibility for talented drivers across different socio-economic backgrounds. With a limit on entry fees and the implementation of an engine and chassis lottery system, COTFA seeks to level the playing field and promote equal opportunities for all participants.

The Three Tiers

The newly expanded karting ladder, developed through the collaboration between the F1-led all-female series and COTF, will consist of three tiers:

1. Minis (Ages 8-11)

The first tier of the karting ladder caters to aspiring racers aged 8 to 11. This stage will provide a platform for young talents to develop their skills and gain experience in competitive racing environments.

2. Juniors (Ages 12-14)

As participants progress to the second tier, the focus shifts to juniors aged 12 to 14. Here, drivers will face increased competition, honing their abilities and preparing for higher levels of motorsport.

3. Seniors (Ages 15-17)

The third and final tier of the karting ladder welcomes seniors aged 15 to 17. This stage serves as a stepping stone towards professional racing careers, allowing young drivers to demonstrate their capabilities and catch the attention of motorsport scouts and teams.

Through this three-tiered system, the F1-led all-female series and COTF aim to create a clear pathway for talented girls to progress from grassroots karting to higher levels of motorsport.

The collaboration between these two organizations signifies a commitment to diversity and inclusivity within the racing world. By actively promoting opportunities for female drivers and implementing cost control measures, the F1-led all-female junior series and COTF hope to inspire and empower the next generation of women in motorsport.

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