F1 Champions Await Trophy

While other major sporting events – such as the World Cup, Wimbledon, and the Superbowl – culminate in the
silverware being handed out at the end of the event, Formula 1 has always done things differently.

Its regulations have long stipulated that the champions are only crowned at the FIA Prize Gala which takes
place at the end of the season. This unique approach adds an extra layer of anticipation and excitement for
drivers and fans alike.

A Unique Championship Celebration

In many sports, winning the final match or race means immediate celebration and the presentation of the
championship trophy. However, in Formula 1, the true celebration comes later at the FIA Prize Gala.

This prestigious event is a glittering occasion where the champions are officially recognized and honored for
their achievements during the season. It is a culmination of hard work, dedication, and outstanding
performance throughout the year.

Top Three Drivers Required to Attend

Drivers who finish in the top three positions in the championship standings are obligated to attend the FIA
Prize Gala. This ensures that the most successful drivers of the season are present to receive their well-deserved

Not only do the drivers get the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments, but they also enjoy an
evening filled with glamour and entertainment. The gala brings together the entire Formula 1 community,
including team principals, key stakeholders, sponsors, and celebrities.

Anticipation and Festivities

By delaying the trophy presentation until the FIA Prize Gala, Formula 1 creates a sense of anticipation and
drama. Fans eagerly wait to see their favorite drivers step onto the stage, receive their trophies, and
deliver speeches. It adds an extra element of excitement to an already thrilling season.

The gala itself is a grand affair, featuring live performances, exquisite dining, and special awards. Attendees
get to witness the glamorous side of the sport and celebrate the achievements of both the drivers and the

A Tradition Unlike Any Other

Formula 1’s unique approach to awarding the championship trophy has become a tradition unlike any other in the
world of sports. It adds an air of elegance and exclusivity, befitting the pinnacle of motorsport.

The FIA Prize Gala serves as the final chapter of the season, where the champions bask in the glory of their
accomplishments and reflect on their journey throughout the year.

So, while other sports may hand out trophies immediately after the final event, Formula 1 chooses to do things
differently, building excitement and suspense as the season reaches its climax in the most elegant and
prestigious manner.

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