F1 Drivers Hamilton and Leclerc Face Plank Rules Investigation

In what can be considered as one of Mercedes’ most impressive performances of the season, Lewis Hamilton showcased outstanding race pace in the final stint of the race, managing to close the gap to eventual winner Max Verstappen to just 2.25 seconds.

However, Charles Leclerc faced a different fate as Ferrari’s decision to attempt a one-stop strategy backfired, leaving him vulnerable in the closing stages of the race and ultimately dropping him down to sixth place.

The Steward’s Referral

Following the race, both drivers have been referred to the Formula 1 stewards for a potential breach of the plank rules. The plank is a wooden board on the car’s underside that is designed to regulate the ride height and ensure fair competition.

The stewards will investigate whether Hamilton and Leclerc’s planks adhered to the regulations during the race. If found guilty, they could face penalties such as time added to their race results or even disqualification.

These potential penalties could have significant implications for their championship standings, making the stewards’ decision a crucial one.

Implications for the Teams

If Hamilton and Leclerc are indeed found to have breached the plank rules, it would not only affect the drivers, but also their respective teams.

Mercedes’ dominance this season has been well-documented, and any penalties for Hamilton could potentially allow Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen to close the gap in the drivers’ championship. On the other hand, Ferrari’s struggles this year have been evident, and losing valuable points due to Leclerc’s penalty could further compound their disappointing season.

The referral of both Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc to the Formula 1 stewards adds a new layer of suspense and uncertainty to the championship battle. The outcome of the investigation could have a significant impact on the drivers’ standings and the overall competition between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing. F1 fans will eagerly await the stewards’ decision and its consequences for the ongoing season.

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