F1 Evaluating Changes to Next Year’s Tyre Compound

F1’s Official Tyre Supplier Evaluating Changes to Next Year’s Tyre Compound Selection

The official tyre supplier of Formula 1, Pirelli, has been evaluating potential tweaks to next year’s tyre compound selection to address minor issues. One of the changes under consideration was making the C2 compound slightly softer.

The current selection of tyre compounds for F1 ranges from C0 to C5, with C0 being the softest and C5 being the hardest. The C2 compound, which is currently the third hardest, has been performing quite closely to the C1 compound. However, it has been found to be slightly too far away in terms of performance.

Pirelli has been experimenting with prototypes during tests in Japan, and following these evaluations, the decision has been made not to make the proposed shift to a softer C2 compound for the 2024 season.

By maintaining the current compound selection for next year, Pirelli aims to ensure a well-balanced range of tyres catering to the different track characteristics and weather conditions encountered throughout the F1 season.

While no major changes are expected for the upcoming season, Pirelli remains committed to continuous improvement and will continue working closely with FIA and the teams to refine its tyre compounds for optimal performance and safety.

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