F1 Teams Granted More Freedom

With testing being a scarce resource in the world of Formula 1, teams have often relied on filming days to shake down their new cars before any official group running takes place. In the past, teams were limited to just 100 kilometers of running on these filming days, which equated to less than 20 laps on a typical track.

However, following a recent vote at the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council, an exciting development has taken place. The mileage allowance for filming days has now been doubled, giving teams greater freedom to put their cars through their paces.

More Track Time for Teams

The decision to increase the mileage allowance for filming days will significantly benefit Formula 1 teams. With more track time available, teams can gather valuable data and test the performance of their new cars in a controlled environment. This extra running will help teams identify any issues or areas for improvement before they head into official pre-season testing.

Enhanced Preparation for the Season

By allowing teams to complete double the amount of running on filming days, the FIA is giving teams a better opportunity to fine-tune their cars before they hit the race track for competitive sessions. This enhanced preparation will not only improve the reliability and performance of the cars but also contribute to the overall safety of the drivers and the sport as a whole.

A Boost for Technical Development

With the increased mileage allowance, teams will also have more opportunities to test and develop new technical features and components. This could lead to innovative advancements in various aspects of the cars, including aerodynamics, suspension, and powertrain technology. The ability to test these developments more extensively during filming days will ultimately contribute to the continual progress and evolution of Formula 1.

The decision to double the mileage allowance for filming days in Formula 1 is an exciting development for teams. It provides them with a valuable opportunity to gather data, fine-tune their cars, and test new technical innovations in a controlled environment. With enhanced preparation and greater freedom, teams can enter the race season with increased confidence and better-equipped machinery.

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