F1 Tyre Separation Issue and Safety Measures

F1’s official tyre supplier, Pirelli, has been forced to take action alongside the FIA following the discovery of sidewall separations in tyres used during a race in Qatar. These separations posed a potential risk of failures on the track.

After conducting microscopic analysis, Pirelli suspected that the issue was a result of the intense battering the tyres endured at high loads from the newly installed pyramid kerbs at the revamped Losail circuit.

To ensure the safety of the drivers and avoid any potential danger, Pirelli and the FIA decided to fly the affected tyres back to Pirelli’s headquarters for further investigation and analysis.

Cause of the Issue

Pirelli believes that the aggressive nature of the pyramid kerbs took a toll on the tyres, causing excessive stress on the sidewall. This led to the separation and raised concerns about potential failures during races.

Action Taken

Upon discovering the tyre separation issue, Pirelli and the FIA immediately took the necessary steps to address the problem. By flying the affected tyres back to Pirelli’s headquarters, the teams can analyze them extensively to understand the root cause of the sidewall separations.

By conducting thorough investigations, Pirelli aims to develop solutions to prevent such occurrences in the future while ensuring the safety and reliability of their tyres.

Implications for F1

The tyre separation issue serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by F1’s tyre suppliers in providing durable and high-performance tyres that can withstand the demanding conditions of the sport.

This incident highlights the importance of continuous development and improvement in tyre technology to meet the ever-increasing demands of Formula 1 racing. Pirelli will undoubtedly use this experience to enhance their tyres’ resilience and performance.

The FIA will also closely collaborate with Pirelli to implement any necessary changes, such as modifications to the track or kerbs, to prevent similar issues from occurring in future races.

Overall, the safety of the drivers and the smooth functioning of the race are paramount, and the actions taken by Pirelli and the FIA demonstrate their commitment to ensuring these objectives are met.

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