Ferrari’s Additional Entry Confirmed for 2024 WEC

Ferrari’s plans for an additional entry fielded on the customer basis outlined by its sportscar boss Antonello Coletta earlier this month were firmed up with the publication of the 37-strong 2024 WEC entry on Monday.

Ferrari’s Additional Entry Confirmed for 2024 WEC

Ferrari has solidified its plans to introduce an additional entry in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) following the announcement made by its sportscar boss Antonello Coletta earlier this month. The 2024 WEC entry list was released on Monday, revealing a total of 37 entries, including Ferrari’s third 499P Le Mans Hypercar.

The newly added Ferrari entry will be operated by AF Corse, the same team responsible for running the factory cars. It will participate in the Endurance Trophy specifically designed for Hypercar teams, further highlighting Ferrari’s commitment to competing at the highest level of endurance racing.

With this latest development, Ferrari strengthens its presence in the WEC and displays a dedication to delivering thrilling performances on the racetrack. Fans and enthusiasts can expect an even more exhilarating competition as Ferrari’s addition brings an extra element of excitement to the already captivating event.

The decision to expand its entry in the WEC aligns with Ferrari’s ongoing pursuit of excellence and desire to push boundaries in motorsport. As a prominent manufacturer with a rich racing heritage, Ferrari’s involvement in the championship serves as a testament to its commitment to innovation and performance.

As the 2024 WEC gets closer, anticipation builds among fans worldwide. The inclusion of Ferrari’s third Le Mans Hypercar is undoubtedly a significant development that will capture the attention of motorsport enthusiasts and cement the brand’s legacy in endurance racing.

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