Ferrari’s Leclerc Takes Pole Position for GP

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc Takes Pole Position for Sunday GP

In the qualifying session held on Friday evening, Ferrari racer Charles Leclerc emerged as the fastest driver, securing the pole position for the upcoming Sunday Grand Prix. Leclerc completed a stunning final flying lap with a time of 1m34.723s, edging out his rivals by a narrow margin.

Leclerc’s impressive performance allowed him to surpass McLaren’s Lando Norris, who finished just 0.13 seconds behind. However, Leclerc and Norris were also benefited by Max Verstappen’s misfortune during the session.

Verstappen Penalized for Exceeding Track Limits

Max Verstappen, driving for Red Bull, had his lap time invalidated due to exceeding the track limits at Turn 19. While attempting to push the boundaries, Verstappen ran wide on exit, resulting in his time being discarded. As a consequence, Verstappen was demoted to the sixth position on the starting grid.

With Verstappen out of the way, Lando Norris was able to secure a front-row start alongside Charles Leclerc. Reflecting on his unexpected achievement, Norris expressed satisfaction but admitted that he should have aimed for pole position instead.

This exciting turn of events sets the stage for an exhilarating Sunday race, with Leclerc and Norris leading the pack from the front. Fans eagerly anticipate their battle for supremacy in what promises to be a thrilling Grand Prix.

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