FIA Acts on Tyre Safety

The FIA has taken significant measures ahead of the sprint race day at the Losail circuit, in response to concerns over the potential risk of tyre failures during the race. Post-session analysis conducted by Pirelli on Friday night revealed a sidewall separation between the topping compound and the carcass cords on tyres that had been subjected to prolonged use.

Tyre Analysis Raises Concerns

Following the running at Qatar, Pirelli performed a thorough examination of the tyres and identified the issue of sidewall separation. The separation occurs between the topping compound, which is responsible for providing grip, and the carcass cords that provide structural integrity to the tyre. This discovery raised concerns about the safety and reliability of the tyres throughout the race.

FIA Intervention

Recognizing the significance of the issue, the FIA immediately took action to address the concerns. Safety of the drivers and teams is always paramount in Formula 1, and any potential risks must be mitigated effectively.

The FIA has been working closely with Pirelli to develop a solution that ensures the safety of the competitors without compromising the integrity of the race. Various options were explored, including altering the tyre compounds or implementing mandatory pit stops to reduce tyre wear and minimize the risk of failure. After thorough analysis, the FIA has decided to implement a combination of measures to mitigate the risks.

Measures Taken

Firstly, a revised set of guidelines for tyre management will be issued to all teams. These guidelines will provide detailed instructions on monitoring tyre wear, implementing optimal strategies, and identifying any signs of potential failures. It is crucial for the teams to closely adhere to these guidelines to maximize safety on the track.

In addition, the FIA will enforce stricter checks during scrutineering to ensure all tyres meet the required standards before each session. This includes meticulous inspections of sidewall integrity, tread pattern condition, and overall tyre health. Any deviations from the specified parameters will result in immediate disqualification from the race.

Moreover, the FIA will collaborate closely with Pirelli’s technicians to develop an enhanced compound bonding process for future races. This will aim to prevent the occurrence of sidewall separation, addressing the root cause of the issue and ensuring a more robust and reliable tyre construction.

Impact on the Sprint Race

These measures come into effect prior to the sprint race day at the Losail circuit. As a result, teams and drivers can have enhanced confidence in the safety and performance of their tyres throughout the race weekend. The FIA is committed to addressing any concerns promptly and working towards continuous improvement in Formula 1 safety standards.

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