FIA Implements Track Limit Changes at Losail Circuit

The FIA Implements Track Limit Changes at Losail Circuit

Over the weekend, the FIA made an important announcement regarding track limits at Turn 12 and 13 of the Losail Circuit. The decision was prompted by Pirelli’s discovery of tears between the compound topping and tyre carcass. These tears were found to be a result of drivers running long and fast over revised kerbs that feature 50mm raised ‘pyramid-style’ borders.

While the raised borders were intended to improve the driving experience, they inadvertently caused the tyres to be impacted when they dropped over the edge. This led to tears in the compound topping and tyre carcass, posing a risk to both driver safety and the overall integrity of the tyres.

To address this issue, the FIA has decided to bring in track limits by an additional 80cm at Turn 12 and 13. This restriction aims to prevent drivers from running long and fast over the revised kerbs and minimize the potential for further damage to the tyres.

By implementing these track limit changes, the FIA hopes to ensure a safer and fairer racing environment for all competitors. The decision comes after thorough analysis and discussions with Pirelli to understand the root cause of the tear issue.

It is crucial for FIA to prioritize driver safety and tire integrity, as both factors significantly impact the outcome of races. With the new regulations in place, drivers will need to adjust their approach to Turns 12 and 13 to adhere to the revised track limits and mitigate the risk of tire damage.

Additionally, these changes highlight the constant evolution of motorsport, where modifications to circuit infrastructures are often necessary to accommodate advancements in technology and safety standards. The FIA’s proactive response to the tear issue exemplifies their commitment to staying ahead of potential safety hazards.

As the FIA continues to monitor and assess track conditions, it remains open to making further adjustments if required. The aim is to strike a balance between pushing the limits of performance while ensuring the well-being of drivers and maintaining the competitiveness of the sport.

Ultimately, the implementation of new track limits at Turns 12 and 13 at the Losail Circuit demonstrates the FIA’s dedication to enhancing safety measures in Formula 1. With these updates in place, teams and drivers can navigate the track with confidence, knowing that the risks associated with the revised kerbs have been mitigated.

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