FIA’s Rally1 Regulations to Continue with New WRC Rules

FIA’s Rally1 Regulations Set to Continue with New WRC Regulations

The FIA has been working diligently over the past two years to develop the next set of World Rally Championship (WRC) regulations. These regulations will build upon the successful introduction of the Rally1 hybrid era last year.

One of the cornerstones of the Rally1 regulations is the creation of all-new cars that are built around a tougher space frame chassis. These cars feature a powerful 1.6 litre turbocharged engine, capable of producing an impressive 500 horsepower in short bursts. To enhance performance and efficiency, these engines are paired with a control 100kW hybrid kit.

In addition to their impressive powertrains, these Rally1 cars are also designed to be environmentally friendly. They are powered by 100% sustainable fuel, further promoting sustainability within the sport.

With such promising results from the Rally1 regulations, it comes as no surprise that the FIA intends to carry over approximately 80% of the WRC Rally1 car design for the upcoming 2027 regulations. This decision demonstrates the governing body’s confidence in the existing regulations and their commitment to building upon successful foundations.

While retaining the majority of the Rally1 car design, the FIA will also take into account any necessary updates or improvements needed to ensure the continued safety and competitiveness of the vehicles. This commitment to continuous improvement is fundamental in maintaining the high standards of the WRC.

The 2027 regulations aim to further heighten the excitement and spectacle of the World Rally Championship. By retaining the core elements of the Rally1 cars, fans can expect to witness thrilling displays of power and performance on the rally stages, while ensuring a sustainable future for the sport.

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