Fire Breaks Out at Formula E Pre-Season Test

Fire Breaks Out at Formula E Pre-Season Test in Valencia

A fire broke out at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, Spain during a Formula E pre-season test. The incident occurred just before 1pm local time and is believed to have been caused by an explosion from the pit box of battery supplier WAE (formerly known as Williams Advanced Engineering).

Immediately after the incident, team personnel were evacuated from the area while authorities cordoned off the affected section. The fire was successfully contained, but one person was assessed by medics as a precautionary measure.

Efforts to Safely Manage the Incident

Upon the discovery of the fire, emergency responders swiftly arrived on the scene to tackle the blaze and mitigate any potential harm. Formula E officials closely monitored the situation and provided regular updates to ensure the safety of all those involved.

The prompt and efficient actions taken by the Circuit Ricardo Tormo staff and emergency services ensured that the fire was contained, preventing its spread to other areas of the premises. The timely evacuation of team personnel further minimized the risk of injuries.

Investigation into the Cause

Once the fire was extinguished, authorities began their investigation into the cause of the incident. The focus of the inquiry will be on determining the origin of the explosion in the pit box and assessing any potential equipment failures or safety breaches that may have contributed to the fire.

Formula E organizers have assured that they will be working closely with all relevant parties, including WAE, to conduct a thorough analysis and implement necessary measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Impact on Testing Schedule

The fire necessitated the cancellation of the first day of the Formula E pre-season test in Valencia. As a result, teams and drivers were unable to commence their planned activities on the track.

However, Formula E officials have expressed their commitment to swiftly rescheduling the test and ensuring that all necessary safety precautions are in place before proceeding with the remaining days of testing. This proactive approach aims to minimize any disruption to preparations for the upcoming season.


The fire incident at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo during the Formula E pre-season test highlights the importance of prioritizing safety in motorsport. While unfortunate, this incident serves as a reminder for all involved to remain vigilant and continuously improve safety protocols to protect both personnel and equipment.

With the investigation underway, Formula E is poised to implement the learnings from this incident to enhance safety measures moving forward. The determination to complete the pre-season testing and ensure a successful and secure racing season remains undeterred by this temporary setback.

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