Ford Seeks Aero Changes for Mustangs

Ford is set to resubmit its bid for aero changes to the Mustangs in anticipation of the Gold Coast race. This decision comes after the belief that the parity threshold was triggered during the Bathurst 1000 event.

The Blue Oval had previously attempted to have an updated aero package implemented before the Bathurst 1000 due to concerns about the competitiveness of the Mustangs in the race. However, they encountered an obstacle when it was discovered that the official threshold for parity had not been met.

Undeterred, Ford has decided to give it another shot and will resubmit their proposal for aero changes ahead of the upcoming Gold Coast race. The hope is that the modifications will improve the performance of the Mustangs and level the playing field for all competitors.

This move demonstrates Ford’s commitment to ensuring fair competition in the Supercars series. By actively addressing any potential disadvantages, they aim to provide an equal opportunity for all teams and drivers.

It remains to be seen whether Ford’s resubmission will be successful. However, their determination to pursue the implementation of aero changes shows that they are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of performance and striving for excellence in motorsports.

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