FP2 Action at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

FP2 Action at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The second practice session (FP2) at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix came to a halt due to two major crashes, resulting in a total disruption of 37 minutes. The incident occurred as Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz lost control of his car while navigating Turn 3. His car veered off the track and collided with the outside barriers, causing significant damage. As a result, the session was red-flagged for 27 minutes to allow the track marshals to clear the debris and repair the barriers.

The Unfortunate Spin by Nico Hulkenberg

Shortly after the track was given the green signal again, another mishap occurred involving Haas driver Nico Hulkenberg. While negotiating Turn 1, Hulkenberg lost control of his car and spun into the wall, adding to the already suspenseful session. Fortunately, Hulkenberg escaped unharmed, but the crash brought about another brief interruption of the practice session.

Multiple Rookie Drivers in FP1

During the earlier FP1 session, several rookie drivers took to the track, adding excitement and unpredictability to the proceedings. With as many as ten rookie drivers participating, fans were treated to new talent making their mark in the world of Formula 1. This injection of fresh faces added an extra layer of competitiveness and intrigue to the practice session, setting the stage for an enthralling racing weekend.

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