Green Hell Driving Days: Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon

Green Hell Driving Days, 30 September to 3 October

Attention all racing enthusiasts! Get ready for an extended tourist driving weekend on the world-famous Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit. From Saturday, September 30th to the Day of German Unity on October 3rd, the barriers to the world’s most beautiful 20.832-kilometer track will be open for a thrilling four-day experience.

The Nürburgring is known as the “Green Hell” due to its challenging and picturesque surroundings. During this special event, visitors will have the opportunity to test their skills and feel the adrenaline rush as they navigate through the twists and turns of this legendary racecourse.

Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon

From 8:00 am to 7:00 pm each day, drivers and riders alike can unleash their inner speed demon and conquer the Green Hell on two or four wheels. Whether you prefer the excitement of a motorcycle or the power of a car, this event offers a unique opportunity for all driving enthusiasts.

Imagine the rush of adrenaline as you accelerate down the long straights, the wind in your hair (or helmet!) and the sound of screeching tires filling your ears. The Nordschleife is a true driver’s paradise, offering a challenging yet rewarding experience for all who dare to take on its twists and turns.

An Unforgettable Experience

The Nürburgring is not just any race circuit; it holds a special place in the hearts of motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. With its rich history and iconic status, driving the Nordschleife is a dream come true for many.

Whether you are a seasoned track veteran or a novice looking for an adventure, the Green Hell Driving Days are the perfect opportunity to create unforgettable memories. Gather your friends or family and embark on a journey through automotive history at one of the world’s most prestigious racing venues.

A Weekend Like No Other

The Green Hell Driving Days coincide with the Day of German Unity, making it an ideal time to explore the beauty of Germany’s countryside and immerse yourself in its rich culture. Take a break from the track and discover charming German towns, indulge in delicious local cuisine, and marvel at the stunning landscapes.

Whether you choose to participate as a driver or simply enjoy the excitement as a spectator, the Green Hell Driving Days promise an unforgettable experience that will leave you craving more adrenaline-fueled adventures.

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