Haas F1 Team Struggles to Fix Season-Long Flaw

The Haas F1 team recently implemented major upgrades to address a season-long flaw with its VF-23s. However, the initial verdict from drivers Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean suggests that the improvements might not have completely solved the issue.

Renting a Workshop in Austin

In preparation for the event, Haas decided to rent a workshop in Austin to modify its VF-23s. The team aimed to converge around the downwash sidepod concept, which was originally pioneered by Red Bull. This modification included new sidepod inlets, engine cover bodywork, and floor enhancements.

Addressing the Tyre Wear Issue

One of the main concerns Haas wanted to tackle with these upgrades was the significant in-race tyre wear caused by an aerodynamic imbalance. By making these adjustments, the team hoped to find a solution that would improve the car’s performance and tire sustainability throughout the race.

Driver Feedback

The team eagerly awaited feedback from drivers Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean after implementing the upgrades. Unfortunately, the initial feedback suggests that the modifications might not have fully resolved the season-long flaw.

Magnussen and Grosjean stated that while there were some positive changes, the overall improvement fell short of their expectations. The team will continue analyzing the data and consulting with the drivers to determine the next steps in addressing the issue.

Continued Efforts and Optimism

Despite the initial setback, the Haas F1 team remains optimistic and committed to finding a solution. The engineers are determined to refine the VF-23s further and make any necessary adjustments to eliminate the persistent flaw.

Team principal Guenther Steiner emphasized the importance of continuous development, acknowledging that finding the perfect balance is an ongoing process. He believes that the revamped sidepod concept is still promising and has the potential to bring the desired performance improvements.

Although the recent upgrades by Haas F1 team aimed to fix a season-long flaw, the initial feedback suggests that the modifications might not have completely resolved the issue. While there were some positive changes, further refinements and adjustments may be necessary. The team remains determined to find a solution and improve the performance of its VF-23s.

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