Haas Impressed by Bearman’s Debut

The Director of Engineering at Haas, Ayao Komatsu, has spoken highly of British rookie driver, who recently had a successful run in a two-year Ferrari SF21 as part of his preparation for his race weekend debut in Mexico.

Despite being in a challenging position, the rookie driver impressively finished the practice session in 15th place, only three spots and 0.3 seconds behind his teammate Nico Hulkenberg, who was celebrating his 200th grand prix.

“I don’t think we can fault him,” said Komatsu. “He’s done really well in his first FP1 session. He didn’t put a foot wrong and showed great potential.”

Solid Performance in Debut Session

The Englishman’s performance was especially commendable considering his lack of experience in Formula 1. Despite the pressure, he managed to handle the car with skill and confidence, leaving the team impressed with his abilities.

Komatsu further added, “From what we have seen today, his performance shows promise for the future. We are excited to see how he develops and improves in the upcoming races.”

A Promising Start for the Young Driver

This rookie’s strong performance in his debut session highlights his potential in the world of Formula 1. The Haas team is eager to continue supporting and nurturing his talent as he progresses in his racing career.

With a solid foundation and encouraging feedback, the British driver has taken his first steps towards making a name for himself in the competitive world of motorsport.

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