Hamilton Incident at Losail Race

During the recent race at Losail, Lewis Hamilton was involved in a collision with George Russell on the first turn. As a result of the contact, Hamilton’s right-rear wheel broke and his race came to an abrupt end. This incident caused quite a stir among fans and the racing community.

The incident occurred as the race got underway. Hamilton and Russell tangled into Turn 1, causing Hamilton to be thrown off into the gravel. The force of the impact was enough to break his wheel, making it impossible for him to continue the race. It was a disappointing outcome for Hamilton, who had high hopes for a strong performance in this race.

Crossing the Live Circuit

While the race was brought under the safety car due to the incident, something unexpected happened. Hamilton, with the broken wheel, made a brave move. He crossed the live circuit from the outside of Turn 1 to the pitlane on the inside, just seconds before Russell emerged from the pits.

This daring maneuver caught the attention of both fans and race officials. It was a risky move, considering the potential dangers involved in crossing a live track. However, Hamilton appeared to have judged the situation well and managed to cross safely without causing any further incidents.

Stewards’ Verdict

The FIA stewards took a closer look at the incident, holding a hearing to gather all the facts. Hamilton, realizing the implications of his choice, expressed sincere apologies for his actions during the race. The stewards considered his apology and took it into account when making their decision.

Ultimately, Hamilton was fined and reprimanded for crossing the live track during the Qatar GP race. The stewards acknowledged his acknowledgement of the risk involved and recognized that his actions were out of concern for his own safety and the safety of others.

Reactions from the Racing Community

The incident and subsequent penalty sparked discussions among fans and within the racing community. Some felt that Hamilton’s decision to cross the live circuit was justified given the circumstances. They believed that he acted in the best interest of his own safety and should not be heavily penalized.

Others, however, criticized Hamilton’s move, arguing that it set a dangerous precedent. Crossing a live track, especially during a race, could lead to severe consequences and should be strictly prohibited. They emphasized the importance of adhering to safety protocols and ensuring that all drivers are accountable for their actions.

The incident between Hamilton and Russell at the Losail race generated considerable attention. It was a dramatic moment that ultimately ended Hamilton’s race and led to him making a daring move by crossing the live circuit. While Hamilton was fined and reprimanded for his actions, opinions on the situation remain divided.

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