Hard Decision for WEC: Turning Down Vanwall’s 2024 Entry

Hard Decision for WEC to Turn Down Vanwall’s 2024 Entry

The CEO of the series, Lequein, expressed disappointment over the exclusion of the Vanwall Vandervell 680 Le Mans Hypercar from the 2024 WEC entry list. The decision was made by the selection committee, which consists of representatives from the co-organizers.

Lequein emphasized his admiration and respect for the team, acknowledging their absence in the 19-car Hypercar class. However, he refrained from providing specific details regarding the rejection.

This decision comes as a blow to Vanwall, who had hoped to make their mark in the prestigious endurance race. The solo entry was met with enthusiasm from fans and observers alike.

The Vanwall Vandervell 680 is a promising Hypercar that has shown great potential in previous races. Its exclusion raises questions about the selection process and the criteria used to determine entries for future competitions.

Despite this setback, Vanwall remains determined to prove themselves on the racetrack. The team’s dedication, skill, and experience make them worthy contenders, even if they were overlooked this time.

It is important to recognize the difficult decisions faced by the WEC selection committee. Choosing the entries for such highly anticipated events requires careful consideration and evaluation.

As the dust settles on this decision, all eyes are on the upcoming races to see how the chosen entries perform. The 2024 WEC season promises to be a thrilling and fiercely competitive one.

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