Horner Supports Ricciardo’s Decision

Horner: Ricciardo’s Decision to Miss Qatar Grand Prix was Justified

When Daniel Ricciardo suffered a metacarpal fracture in his left hand during a practice crash at Zandvoort, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner initially stated that the driver was aiming to make a comeback for the Qatar round last weekend. However, on the Monday before the race, Ricciardo made a video call to his substitute, Liam Lawson, informing the Kiwi driver that he would still be needed for one more race before Ricciardo’s return in the United States Grand Prix.

Christian Horner has now expressed his support for Ricciardo’s decision, acknowledging that it was the correct course of action. Although Ricciardo’s determination to return quickly is admirable, Horner believes that it was essential for the driver to prioritize his health and ensure a full recovery.

Speaking about the situation, Horner stated, “Daniel’s commitment and eagerness to compete are unmatched. However, we must always take a responsible approach when it comes to injuries. The Qatar round was just too soon for him to make a safe return.”

It is evident that Ricciardo’s dedication to his team and sport is unwavering. Nevertheless, sometimes, caution must prevail in order to prevent further harm. In this case, Horner and the Red Bull team fully supported Ricciardo’s decision to prioritize his well-being, allowing him to fully recover without risking further injury or compromising his future performances.

The upcoming United States Grand Prix will witness Ricciardo’s triumphant return to the cockpit. With his injury healing properly, the Australian driver is eager to continue his positive momentum and contribute to his team’s success in the remaining races of the Formula 1 season.

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