Improvements Needed for Las Vegas Track Surface

The Formula 1 drivers have expressed their concerns about the track surface in Las Vegas, as they believe it is not up to par with the gold standard set by the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in Jeddah. The new surface in Las Vegas has proven to be more challenging due to several factors.

Lack of Rubber from Support Series

One of the main challenges with the track surface in Las Vegas is the absence of support series laying rubber down on the circuit. This lack of rubber makes it harder for the F1 cars to find grip and navigate the corners effectively. The drivers believe that if there were support races taking place prior to the F1 event, it would have helped improve the surface conditions.

Public Street Section Reopened to Traffic

Another issue with the track surface in Las Vegas is the fact that the public street section of the circuit is reopened to normal traffic for most of the day. This leads to the section becoming dirty, resulting in a less grippy surface for the start of F1 action. The drivers have expressed their disappointment with this aspect of the track preparation, as it affects their performance on the track.

Call for a Grippy Surface

Daniel Ricciardo, one of the F1 drivers, suggested that greater efforts could have been made to create a track surface that closely resembles the grip level of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix circuit in Jeddah. The drivers believe that having a grippy surface would not only enhance the overall racing experience but also make it safer for them to push their cars to the limit.

While the organizers have made significant improvements to the track layout and facilities in Las Vegas, the surface conditions remain a concern for the drivers. They hope that future races in the city will see improvements in this area to meet the high standards set by other Formula 1 circuits.

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