Incident Sparks FIA Investigation

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon in the garage of battery supplier WAE (formerly known as Williams Advanced Engineering) at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Spain. The exact cause of the incident is still under investigation, but it involved a battery fire that caused significant damage to the garage area.

Postponement of Testing

As a result of the incident, running at the test was postponed indefinitely while a thorough investigation was conducted by the FIA and WAE. This decision was made to ensure the safety of all personnel involved in the Formula E testing activities.

Resumption of Testing

Following the completion of the investigation, the FIA has given the green light for testing to resume on Thursday afternoon. The governing body has taken appropriate measures to address any potential safety concerns and has implemented stricter protocols to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

FIA Provides Further Details

In a statement released by the FIA, they have provided additional information regarding the incident. While the specific details have not been disclosed, it is clear that the FIA is taking this matter seriously and is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone involved in Formula E testing.

It is important to note that incidents like these are rare in motorsport, and the incident at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining high safety standards in the industry.

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