Inconsistent Track Limit Enforcement

Steiner: Haas Right of Review Case Highlights FIA’s Track Limits Issue

Haas Formula 1 team principal, Guenther Steiner, believes that their recent right of review case has succeeded in shedding light on the FIA’s inconsistent enforcement of track limits. The team’s request for a review was submitted following a thorough analysis of footage from Turn 6 during the US GP at Circuit of the Americas.

Upon careful examination, Haas identified multiple instances where Sergio Perez, Lance Stroll, Alex Albon, and Logan Sargeant had exceeded track limits during the race. In an effort to present a strong case, the team compiled a video compilation illustrating these infringements.

Steiner expressed satisfaction with the stewards acknowledging the FIA’s inadequate handling of track limit violations. He sees this as a victory in itself, as it draws attention to the issue and prompts a reevaluation of the enforcement process.

Haas’ right of review case has highlighted the need for consistent and fair application of track limits across all races. Steiner hopes that this incident will prompt the FIA to address the problem and establish clearer guidelines for both drivers and teams.

Racing within track limits is crucial for maintaining fairness and ensuring a level playing field for all competitors. It is imperative for the FIA to take decisive action to rectify the current inconsistencies to preserve the integrity of the sport.

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