Jota Porsche Sets Pace in Bahrain Rookie Test

Jota Porsche Tops First Bahrain Rookie Test Session as Rossi Makes Debut

Jota, the team that came close to scoring a maiden Hypercar podium in Saturday’s finale, once again showcased their performance by leading the opening two hours of running at the Bahrain International Circuit on Sunday. Will Stevens, driving the team’s solo #38 Porsche 963 customer LMDh car, set the quickest time of 1m48.625s at the beginning of the session.

Stevens’ impressive time put Jota eight tenths clear of the rest of the field, demonstrating their dominance on the track. The team showed great skill and determination, leaving their competitors trailing behind.

This rookie test session allowed teams to evaluate new drivers and test their cars in preparation for future races, and Jota made the most of this opportunity. Their strong showing in the test session is a testament to their commitment to excellence and their ability to perform under pressure.

Jota’s performance in the Bahrain test session marked the debut of Alexander Rossi, who joined the team for the first time. Rossi, an accomplished American racing driver, displayed his skills and adaptability by immediately making an impact on the track.

The partnership between Jota and Rossi has the potential to be a formidable combination in future races. With Jota’s experienced team and Rossi’s talent behind the wheel, they can be a force to reckon with on the Hypercar circuit.

In conclusion, Jota’s dominant performance in the first Bahrain rookie test session is a clear indication of their capabilities as a team. With Will Stevens setting the quickest time and Alexander Rossi making a strong debut, the team is poised for success in the upcoming races. The partnership between Jota and Rossi has the potential to create exciting moments on the track, and fans can look forward to witnessing their progress in the world of Hypercar racing.

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